Thomas moves to a remote cabin in an attempt to disappear completely... even from himself. My Friend Kills Time mixes visual textures and haunting soundscapes to create a cinematic diary of a young man's isolation.

MFKT premiered in competition at South By Southwest 2012 and has since screened at several festivals including Bristol Encounters and The Festival Du Nouveau Cinéma. Online premiere at

Playmaker Review: "This is my most eagerly-anticipated short film premiering at SXSW this year. Beautifully and hauntingly shot. [...] Rørvik takes his time to unfold and develop each scene of Thomas’ visual diary to emphasize the slowness of the days that pass. He uses the moody landscape and dark waters near the cabin as a reference to Thomas’ emotional journey into himself." (Read the full article.)

Quark Magazine Review: "It is beautiful, and important, and you absolutely need to watch it. [...] What evolves or devolves out of that, depending on how you view the outcome, is something of a macabre Thoreau, a Walden without the politics and arguably too much heart and head that leaves one with a sense of vague discomfort and confusion – a film you’re never quite sure is a documentary about the change of a man, or a work of fiction about the arc of a character. [...]It’s rare, in that it manages to challenge its viewer about its very nature, while simultaneously beckoning them to question their own nature and that of those around them, without outwardly saying anywhere near as much." (Read the full article.)